All Things New

“He makes all things new.” Revelations 21:5

All things new. This was the theme of our wedding day. The promise that God will take what is broken and restore. The idea that in this life we have valleys and peaks, sorrows and joys–and still there is more to our stories. The belief that God will take a life of imperfection, hurt and chaos and fill that life with comfort, love and new joys. The hope that we will find love to fill our lives, in whatever shape and form that takes.

I am now ready to write a new book, "How to Plan a Wedding in Two Weeks or Less." I'm still stunned at the fact that I'm again married. Probably more shocked that a week before Christmas, after one encouraging phone call from one of my closest friends I decided to take the plunge. It is probably one of the most spontaneous, courageous, take-a-big-leap-of-faith steps I've ever done. And nothing has felt more right.

I would highly recommend this method of madness to any future bride. Planning our special day with such little time, kept the focus of the event at the forefront of each detail. I believe that in many ways our society has lost site of the meaning behind marriage, fooling us to think that a wedding day is about reception menus, seating charts, and cutting a cake with a special knife. We get lost in the details of matching colors and coordinating  dresses and we lie to ourselves that bridesmaids will be able to use these dresses again, when they never do (but, luckily our dear friends humor us.)

We spend more time worrying about the guest list and shoes and make-up and losing ten pounds than we ever take to think about the details of the ceremony that will bind us for life. Will matching jewelry repair a broken heart when marriage isn’t perfect? If we design the perfect “Save-the-Date” card will that guarantee our marriage to succeed? What happens when expectations are not met, when we are disappointed with our mate? Will all the things that sparkled on our wedding day become insurance to remain faithful and loyal to one of the greatest commitments we will ever make?

All things new. God has begun a work in each of us, to create, to love, to make new again. This isn't a message reserved for wedding days or funerals. This is our daily assignment, to allow God to work in us. And to marvel at the new things he has instore.

Steven and Jen Wedding

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