My favorite coffee shop is located in southwest Minneapolis nestled off Nicollet Avenue. It's funky style lures a variety of people, from the grunge look to the business lunch crowd. Serving fair trade Peace Coffee, this simple coffee shop makes one of the best cappuccinos I've found.

But, what I like most of all about the place is its name.


Curious and confusing to pronounce, I'm intrigued by how the letters work together. Mostly I'm attracted to the meaning of the word. An-o-dyne: something that soothes, calms or comforts. Further definition calls it a medicine that takes away pain. Crying has been known as a woman's anodyne.

I want to be an anodyne–someone who calms and comforts. The world has plenty of people who act out of selfish motives. I wonder what it would be like if we acted out of care for those around us. If we worked each day to soothe the troubles of a friend.

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