Are you Ready to Be Who You Are?

I used to tell Shawn that I needed nine lives because I had so many places I wanted to live that it would never possibly happen in my lifetime. I think the same is true about professions. My dreams can easily change each month. Today I'd love to be a movie critic.

I recently saw Robin Hood, the popular legend that encompasses themes of poverty, justice and courage.  In the film Robin "of the Hood" asks his followers, "Are you ready to be who you are?" This piercing question is one that I personally shy away from. It is scary to see all the possibility God has in store for us and accept such responsibility. Especially if God's plan and our own differ. It's not just about being ready, it's ultimately about trusting.

I love the 2010 version of Robin Hood, the story behind the story of how he became a hero. One scene shows him as a little boy, remembering the valor of his father and an etching in stone that reads, "Rise and rise again until the lamb meets the lion." As an adult he understands the meaning–you never give up.

The best movies for me are the ones I can apply to my own life. The kind that dares me to be who I am meant to be and inspires me to never give up the ambition.

Here's a cheer to your favorite movie! Tell me the best lesson from your favorite show. Let's spread some inspiration.

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