I'm back! I went on a vacation for the first part of December with my mother-in-law and kids. We escaped the cold and traversed the Caribbean! Jordan loves the idea of me "homeschooling" him and has asked if he can be permanently "island-schooled." Coming home to bitter low degrees has me strongly considering his suggestion.

I have missed my readers and am looking forward to being back. Writing always feels like home to me.

I had supper this week with my dear college friend, Sarah. We talked about the craziness of December and how it is hard to slow down even when making the effort. Often the "small things run our lives," she told me.

Upon returning from a week and a half in the sun, I'm finding the small things interrupting the important things.

I was bummed out yesterday that the cookies I baked were flat instead of fluffy. I yelled at my kids two nights ago for not "sitting still at the mall" while mommy had to buy some not-so-necessary Christmas gifts. It was one of those wandering, shopping experiences where I spent two hours trying to figure out what to buy people who have everything accompanied by two hungry preschoolers waddling behind me. I cried with anxiety when I got home that my Christmas card labels wouldn't print and that I feel completely inept when it comes to merging addresses and keeping tabs on who has moved where in the last year.

And then this morning, I decided to breathe. I made an eggnog latte and sipped it slowly. And I realized that I'm the one who allows the small things to run my life. And I'm the same one who can run my life by what really matters.

With that said, it is good to be back.

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