Believe in the Miracle of the Second Chance

The life you have led doesn't need to be the only life you have. -Anna Quindlen

I love that each day is a new waking, a new chance. I think God gave us 24 hours to be a constant remaking, a cycle between day and night to not only say "keep going" but "try again."

Jordan tried on his earmuffs today along with scarf and gloves. Maddi said, "It's cold outside! It's almost winter." The chill today announces the change in seasons, another reminder that we have many times in life to start again.

Life isn't just a one-shot opportunity. Whether I'm looking at my children and how to raise them, my personal goal to lose weight, the loops of grief that still circle five years out or the idea of starting a new life with a new person in a new time all find a home in the the miracle of second chances–a comforting place to reside and say, Welcome! Wherever you have been or wherever you are going…welcome.

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