Beyond the Hurt

"Be careful how you judge others…As Scottish author J.M. Barrie said, ‘Never ascribe to an opponent motives meaner than your own…’  We tend to judge others based on their behavior, and ourselves based on our intent.  In almost all situations, we would do well to recognize the possibility – even probability – of good intent in others…sometimes despite their observable behavior."  -Steven Covey in THE SPEED OF TRUST

I am struck by the many hurts of this world.  Sometimes on purpose.  Other times without trying.  How people hurt others often without even knowing. 

How am I hurt?  By others or by my thoughts and perceptions of others?  Is most of my hurt in my mind?  Do I let the hurt fester?  Do I feed the hurt?  Am I attracted to agonizing and belaboring my saddness? 

I see hurt getting in the way of my potential.  My greatest possibilties lie in the life I decide to lead.  The life I live is directed by how I choose to perceive the days in front of me.  What am I doing today to contribute to the idea that God’s purpose for me is bigger than I can imagine?  Will I get lost in sorrow or will I seek a larger life? 

Today I aim to search inside myself.  Deep inside. 

Today I strive to take away the unhealthy concern I have for others and what they may think or how they may act.  I challenge myself to focus on my heart and how even in hurt it thrives for better. 

Today I commit to let God work on me more than dedicating my day to changing others. 

This is the day God made for me to be who I am – hurts, disappointments, love and all.  He walks around me patiently waiting for me to bring myself to him so we can work on me together.  No one else can accomplish this intimate weaving.  It takes more than a good intention.  It takes my personal action.  Without looking around at who may be watching.  Sign me up.


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