Black and White

I heard a speaker on television yesterday talk about life being black or white without a gray area.  I suppose there are always exceptions to the rules, but I could relate to what he was saying.  Either you are kind or not kind, on time or not on time, eat green olives or don’t eat green olives, grow anxious with things that don’t matter or realize that there are more important pieces to life.  Either you are alive or not alive, believe in God or don’t believe in God, are living your purpose or not living your purpose.

It seems so clear, yet so difficult to live on one side or the other.  Maybe that is why we invent a gray area; to feel accepted with either direction.  I do think, however, choosing a side and dedicating energy to live by our convictions may in the end bring less confusion and more assurance of what we are meant to do with the life before us.

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