Book Signing

It has been a big and busy week with book signings and the book launch. I have met many extraordinary people. One woman told me she had read about my book in the Star Tribune and knew she needed to come see me. She bent down by the book signing table and began our conversation stating, "I don't believe in chances, there is a reason I am here."

Her eyes welled with tears as she asked me to write an inscription in her book from a letter I wrote to Shawn the morning after he died. The sentence read, "If I could talk to you today, I would not waste a single breath on things that do not matter."

I know no details about her story. I only know she was hurting. And that the vision I had of my book two years ago, before it ever existed, was a vision of comfort. That if someone picked up my book they would feel a connection and know that someone else has been through pain. And sometimes the best thing when we are hurting is to know we aren't alone.

This week I have seen many friends, family and strangers. And I believe stronger than ever this book was meant to be. It wasn't by chance. There is a reason the book is here.


Photo Courtesy of Tara Owen with Tara Lee Photography
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