Breaking Point

I am at a breaking point this week.

Many reasons why.  Too many to type.  Or is it I am too tired to type? 

Madelynn somehow, somewhere, for some reason…contacted a case of hives!  We haven’t slept more than two to four hours a night for three nights.  It has been quite the challenge and mystery added to a busy overloaded week.  What amazes me about this little angel who lives with me is that she remains so happy through it all.  Even though visibly uncomfortable, Maddi has a big smile to offer. 

Last night at 2:00 AM when she couldn’t sleep from the itching, I asked her out of desperation of not knowing what else to say, "Well, what should we do Miss Maddi?"

WIth a pure and delighted smile she answered without missing a heartbeat, "PLAY!"

Earlier in the day she heard me talking about the cold, cold weather being horrible.  So, like a replay that night she commented, "It’s horrible, Mom.  It’s just horrible, horrible, horrible." This was followed by a giggle.

Even when I am breaking, she has a way to hold me together.

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