Christmas Treasure

Jordan snuck out of bed tonight, long after his little sister had been sleeping. He was having a hard time falling asleep and said he needed a hug.


Walking him back to his room he told me, “Maddi is already fast asleep dreaming about Santa.”


I reminded him he should be doing the same.


I heard a song on the radio yesterday called, “Christmas Makes Me Cry.” Matthew West wrote the song for those experiencing loss and great pain during the holiday season. This is my song.


I was crying this morning. Maddi asked me what was wrong. I told her I was having a hard day.


When I tucked her into bed she hadn’t forgot what was on my heart.


“Are you having a better day now, Mommy?” she asked.


There was something that made the end of my day better than the beginning. My kids and I had our own little Christmas. We read the Christmas Story and opened a couple of gifts. Under our tree we had some gifts from our babysitter.


I unwrapped my gift with a sense of awe.  She had given me a new teapot!  My old kettle was tarnished and very used.  I remember one day when Kayla was helping me clean the kitchen she scrubbed and scrubbed, unable to make it look any better. She remembered.


What meant the most to me about this gift?  Her attention. Her care. Her detail. Her perception of a useful gift that I will use over and over. Her observant nature. Her memory. Her thoughtfulness. Her love.


She reminded me that I am cared for in unique and unpredictable ways. What a Christmas treasure.

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