Over the weekend I spoke at Our Saviour's Lutheran Chruch in Stillwater, MN. The church is doing a book study this month on my book Believe. During the question/answer time, I was asked, "How do we comfort others who are hurting?"

This is the number one question I'm asked when I go out to speak for different events.

My response was, "There has to be more than lasagna."

I quickly clarified that meals are a very needed and appreciated gift. But, what happens when the meals disappear and your heart still hurts? What about a year after loss when you really need to talk to someone but feel like people expect you to be better? What about the random days when you feel alone but can't really explain what triggered the loneliness. Of course you know the reason, but not the specific reason for each and every breakdown. What about the day you wished just one other person in the world remembered. Maybe it's a phone call, maybe a card, maybe a hug. 

I believe the best way we comfort others is to be there. To truly, purposefully, intently, daily be there.

I'm intrigued with this topic of comfort. Please share with me what has comforted you the most on your darker days. I would love to hear from you this week!

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