Computer Crashed

My computer crashed a couple weeks ago creating a new challenge for me to keep up on my journal postings.  Words juggle in my head.  Throughout the day phrases find me and I don’t know where to put them.  Of all the therapy techniques I have learned since Shawn died, writing is my haven.  It allows me to unravel the constant process of grief and put it in a safe place.  I also journal by hand, however typing seems to keep a better pace with my fleeting expressions. 

The only good thing about not having a funcitioning computer at the current moment is discovering how little I am connected to the material items of this earth.  The treasures of this world will pass away.  My love was tied to Shawn.  A computer can be replaced.  A person cannot.  I am reminded of the difference between people and things.  Sometimes, I believe, we confuse our values .  The inconvenience of a broken computer reminds me of the greater importance to heal and help a broken heart; either that of our own or that which belongs to someone else.

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