Create Something New

I must create…something.  My business is to create….

All I know is if you don’t figure out the something—you’ll just stay ordinary.  And it doesn’t matter if it’s a work of art or a taco or a pair of socks.  Just create something new!  And there it is—and it’s you—out in the world—outside of you.  And you can look at it or hear it or read it or feel it and you know a little bit more about you—a little bit more than anyone else does. 

–Excerpt from the Movie “P.S. I Love You”

This movie quoted above matches my heart.  I cling to creating something new each day.  Finding the good again in life at times means I am hunting the good down.  Still, I am hopefully assured that there is precious meaning found when I use my talents to bless someone else or share a piece of what I have to offer.  God created me to create.  I feel my best when I am doing what he created me to do.  It indeed helps me discover more about myself.  And that is one of those good things we adventure through life to find.

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