I have heard of people burning coffee. Do they ever start the entire coffee pot on fire?

It all started by checking my email. I told myself not to do it. I told myself to clean my bedroom, fold clothes and sort laundry. I didn't listen. I thought I could check my email "quickly" while waiting for my coffee to brew.

I'm not even sure what email was so enticing that I completely forgot about the coffee and decided a better goal for the day would be emptying out my inbox. I love when I can delete 200 emails and only have one or two pending a reply. Then I got distracted. I clicked on an attachment about local authors visiting metro libraries and became enthralled by Alison McGhee's blog post about liking coffee.

What a coicindence, I thought. I like coffee just like Alison and she's a New York Time's bestseller. Maybe that means someday I'll be a New York Time's bestseller. Or maybe it just means I should make some coffee. Wait! I am making coffee!

Dashing to the kitchen I wondered how much time the coffee had been boiling in the stovetop Italian espresso maker. The handle of the coffee pot was wrapped in a molten mess around the burner grate. One quiet flame kept working on the damage. The kitchen reeked of burnt plastic with a smoky, gray haze in the air. Why hadn't my fire detector gone off?

I tossed the entire coffee maker into the trash. Frustrated, I made a cup of instant coffee–much less distracting or tasteful.

Yes, Ms. McGhee, I like coffee. Next time I will make a good cup and go fold my laundry.

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