Dragonfly Ballooons

I bought a huge dragonfly balloon to put at the grave with my kids this weekend. When I was in line at the grocery store making my purchase along with a daisy plant the woman next to me smiled with genuine cheerfulness and said, "Looks like you are having a party!"

I smiled back thinking, if she only knew.

Her cart was loaded with about twenty bags of potato chips. I tried to muster up the same enthusiasm and said, "Looks like you are having a party, too." To which she nodded and elusively replied, "Sorta."

Interesting. Two people. Two stories. Doubtful that either were having a party.

We never know the motives or burdens or disappointments or hopes or missions that the hearts around us carry. My one desire is that we can learn to be gentle with those around us–whatever their life story may be and maybe even walk with them for a minute or more letting them know we are interested and we care.

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