Driving into the Moon

I talked to my dad last night.  He was driving home from work.  I was driving to meet a friend.  We were on opposite ends of the city; at least an hour apart.  My dad asked me, “Can you see the moon, Jennifer?”  I said, “Yes, it is beautiful”.  “I am driving into the moon”, he echoed, “I feel like I am driving into the moon.”

The moon was golden, large and round.  It illuminated the sky with a bold presence.  It was fun to follow it with my eyes.  I wanted to turn my car around and drive right into it like my dad. 

I found myself in a trance realizing that my dad and I could be in completely different places and still see the same amazing thing.  I immediately wondered if Shawn could see it too.  Could he be in a completely different place and still see the same amazing thing? 

There was a sense that connected me in that moment to my dad, me and Shawn. 

Can you see the moon, Shawn?  Look, can you see it?  Don’t miss the moon, Shawn.  It is spectacular tonight.  Shawn, can you see me?  Don’t miss this, Shawn.  Your life has left behind spectacular things.  Can you see it, Shawn? 

Yes, it is beautiful.

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