Favorite Valentines

My week was filled with fun surprises.

It started last Thursday when I hired my babysitter so I could sing for church. After she went home I went to put some things in my bedroom and noticed a dozen pink and white roses hiding between the pillows on my bed.  There was a small note that read, "Happy Valentine's Day! Pretend these are daisies. Love, Kayla" She had no idea that Valentine's Day is my Birthday, too!

Then there was the surprise delivery on my doorstep from my friend Andrea. The box was big and I was curious. She knows I love gifts! She sent me an ergonmic chair (an inflatable exercise ball that sits on a base). It is perfect for encouraging good posture while writing or working on the computer.

On Friday I received a fun card from a friend with a Starbucks gift card inside. I think the whole world knows I love specialty coffee. It was a treat.

That same night I went out to eat with friends. My sister arranged to have homemade red-velvet cupcakes on each place setting when we arrived at the restaurant. Each one was decorated with a gourmet sprinkle. They looked like they came from a fancy bakery.

I had a speaking engagement on my actual birthday. The entire audiene sang "Happy Birthday" to me at the end of the night. There is nothing better than being seranaded by 250 people! My parents gave me a delicate boquet of daisies with a white rose in the center. 

I have always loved sharing my birthday with Valentine's Day. I love having my birthday on a day that celebrates love.

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