Find Two Things

What do you have in your life today that gives you joy? Is it easy to think of something right away? Is it hard? So much of it depends on our mood, where we are at, what the week looks like, how we feel…how life has been treating us. So much of joy is circumstantial.

What if joy was a choice?

I read an email from a widow early this morning. My house is quiet. Kids still asleep (rare). But, her words resonate loud within me. She wrote:

I have been really working on choosing joy.  It's hard but each day I
make sure I find at least two things I am grateful for in my day.  The
two things can't be our baby or dog as they are pretty much a given.  I
am trying hard to keep my focus on what blessings remain; not just on
what has been taken away.  Sometimes I really have to search for my two
things but it seems to be working.  I just have to remember that joy and
happiness are two different things….I can still find joy without
"feeling" happy. 

Are you choosing joy? Find two things today.

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