Finding Me in the New Year

Sometimes we try so hard to be who we are not.

We try to appear ultra confident. We try to look like we have it all together. We try to impress. We try to live with less and still find ourselves consumed by more. We try to hide our grief. We try to pretend we are better. We try to be okay. We try to start over. We try to find ourselves–whoever that may be.

When my kids and I were traveling earlier in the month we had a layover in Detroit. At our gate, Jordan befriended a little boy, Jayden. The boys played between the rows of chairs. No matter which way Jordan went, Jayden followed like a faithful droid calling out to his leader, “Dillan, do you want to play Star Wars?”

No matter how many times Jordan corrected his follower, Jayden continued to call my son, Dillan.  I watched to the point where I wanted to reintroduce the playmates and ensure accuracy. My son’s name is Jordan! I made one attempt, but Jayden was busy fighting the galaxies with his commander, Dillan.  

It struck me, how even when we try for something different, people perceive us in a certain way. Breaking our own molds can be the toughest challenge. I wonder who we are ultimately trying to convince? Others or ourselves?

I'm hoping this New Year to take a new look at myself. And not only trust her, but believe she can make the changes she wants for her life.

Jen and Maddi sledding

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