First Time in Belize

There are lots of firsts happening to me in this country. It all started when my daughter, son and I stepped off the plane. We walked from the landing strip into the small airport with one ticket counter.

The heat wrapped itself around us like a vacumn-sealed package. My kids noticed immediately the climate change. Madelynn asked, "Does it snow here?" Jordan said, "Thank you for bringing us to paradise, Mom!"

That's the first time I've ever thought about how we define paradise. Is it a hot place or is the place we reside? Guess that is all left to interpretation.

I also had my first phonecall yesterday with a liteary book agent. It only took me two hours to secure the call. Just short of riding a donkey to the phone company, I borrowed one of the local's bicycles to ride two miles into town on a non-paved, non-smooth road. Bought a phonecard and tried two different outdoor phonebooths in 98 degree heat, neither of which worked. Begged the clerk at the phone company to find me a functioning phone and finally made the call to the United States with three minutes to spare. The conversation was well worth the effort as it gave me great insight into the publishing world and goal-setting for my next project.

This is my first time twittering! I guess it took coming to Belize to take the leap. If you have any interest (even to simply amuse me) I'd love to have you follow along. Trust me, I'm amusing myself as I don't understand much about the tweeting world other than everyone I talk to says this isn't going away.

I'm sure I will have other firsts to share about our travels. I'm glad to take the trip with you!

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