Front of the Class

Last week my mom and I watched the triumphant story of Brad Cohen, a man who overcomes incredible obstacles having Tourette Syndrome to become a gifted teacher. Inspired by a true story, Brad learned to hate school because of all the funny noises he made and couldn't control. Not only was he teased, he was punished for disrupting the class. His disorder also made it near impossible to concentrate, read…overall learn.

His mom was a true supporter throughout his life and an understanding principle encouraged Brad to be what he dreamed.

After 24 schools turned him down, Brad kept trying until one elementary school gave him a chance. Brad Cohen’s resilience and determination changed his life. He was awarded the Sallie Mae First Class Teacher of the Year in 1997 and went on to pursue a doctorate degree in education.

Brad wrote a book about his story and it later became a made for television movie on the Hallmark Hall of Fame. I couldn't help think as I watched the outline of his life, how his determination to keep trying out of the loss for a "normal" life echoes the same type of healing vital for those grieving any type of loss in their lives. Keep trying. Keep going. Keep doing. This is the only way to see yourself through the pain.

If you are having an uninspired week, go down to Blockbuster this weekend and rent, "Front of the Class." You will be newly encouraged to keep going–whatever the circumstance surrounding you.

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