Hair Days

I read an advertisement last night stating that the average mom devotes 87.9 minutes a day to meals and only 4.2 minutes to her hair.  The sentence made me grin as I remembered my day.  The healthy salad I had worked many minutes to prepare ended up on the floor with the eager help of a bright-eyed toddler girl who insisted she feed me at dinner time.  Madelynn directed that she was the mommy and I was the baby.  Somewhere within our role reversal the salad suffered. 

My day began with what I call my twist and turn hair style:  putting my hair up in a hair clip and calling it done.  I think that style takes me an entire three seconds to do.  Quick, simple and easy to unravel.  It works well with days that also seem to unravel before me with little effort.  How quickly moods can change.  How simple is the motion in which a spirit can drop.  I know the statistic in the ad was a ploy to buy their shampoo.  I am curious if they have any stats for moms who balance not only meals and hair-dos, but vast arrays of emotions, little hearts and the wonders of love even in the midst of hurts and spills.   

The song on the radio was singing, "you’re gonna find yourself somewhere somehow…"  A lovely promise.  I crawled into bed last night sandwiched tightly between my son and daughter, who were scared of the thunderstorm, wondering if it is possible to find yourself while eating salad off the kitchen floor.

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