Happy Mother’s Day

The first words out of Jordan’s mouth Sunday morning were, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.”

The fact that a five year old boy can remember my special day before asking me to make him breakfast was a tremendously good start.

Madelynn gave me a wrapped present that she had made in preschool. Priding herself as a secret keeper, it was fun to open the surprise–a cookbook with her photo on the cover.  She is dressed in a red-checkered apron, holding a spatula and wearing a satisfied grin.

Months ago, as part of a “cooking unit,” I submitted the secret Mrs. Field’s Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe (the one that was printed in the paper years back by a disgruntled employee.)  Who knows if that rumor is true, according to my Google search there are many versions to the story.

None the less, I probably shouldn’t be sharing the secret (blended-to-a-fine-powder-oatmeal….so good!) Shh…don’t tell.

I first tried these cookies freshman year at college when my roommate’s mom sent us the homemade baked goods in a shoebox lined with tinfoil and plastic wrap. I never knew shoeboxes could be used for things that come out of an oven! What an education.

Maddi’s recipe book included her version of these cookies:

Make them with butter, eggs, put milk in, make them. I cook them, we make them with, I don’t know. Put them in the oven for 40 minutes.

Our day included church with my family, a potluck version of a picnic at my brother’s house due to the weather being chilly and ice-cream at Sebastian Joes before driving home.

When I pulled in the driveway, I noticed Madelynn had tattooed herself with red magic-marker. This seems to be a new hobby of hers, hands and face covered. Crawling into the front seat after I had parked the truck in the garage she asked, “Can I write on your head, Mama?”

I could see mischief and artistic inspiration in her eyes.

Surprising both my daughter and myself I said yes. She decorated my forehead and then told me, “It says ‘I love Daddy.’”

We went inside to start the bedtime routine, baths being first on the agenda (along with scrubbing my own face!)

My last thought before finding my own bed–Happy Mother’s Day.

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