New Year’s Promise

“He who sits on the throne said, “Behold I am making all things new” then he said, “write, for these words are faithful and true.” Revelations 21:5

God making all things new is a message that speaks clearly to a heart that has been tested, re-tested and then tested some more.

All things news. Let's breakdown each word.

God makes ALL things new.

All means all. Everyone, everything, every circumstance we encounter. Every single one. Every joy. Every hurt. Every hardship, crisis, journey, or set-back, Every time we are asked to jump through hoops. Every heartache, headache, and thorn-in-my-side situation. Every happiness, every achievement, every promotion, pressure, practice, or possible situation. All will be made whole. 

God makes all THINGS new.

The word things allows us to fill in the blank with each situation, obsession, fixation, craze, fad, object, item or gadget, idea, issue or subject that fill up our days. All things will be changed. Every detail will be taken care of. All things will be made complete.

God makes all things NEW.

New is the same as fresh, clean, bright, unmarked, faultless, pure, correct, just right, wonderful, perfect, gleaming, pristine, creative, innovative, ground-breaking, a first, exceptional, admirable, tremendous, first-rate, incomparable, unique, unequaled, unparalleled, unmatched, unsurpassed. If God has promised us to make all things new then we know he will make all things beyond compare.

What a tremendous New Year’s promise. God is faithful and true to the reality of our lives. He is concerned about our concerns. He is watching and walking with us. And he wants us to pay attention. He wants us to write it down. He wants us to know that he will complete the empty parts of our lives in ways we could never imagine.

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