It Leads Us to a Place

Trying to multi-task tonight, I read bedtime stories to my kids in the bathroom. Maddi’s swimmer itch has turned into infected little bumps and she is now on a regiment of oatmeal baths six times a day. Not wanting to miss out on the story, Jordan tells me to “hang on for one second” as he runs to grab a bar stool.

“Jo-dan is so funny,” Maddi tells me as she swishes the oatmeal in the water.

“No I’m not!” Jordan yells from the kitchen.

“Mom, is Jo-dan funny?” Maddi asks.

I love how I get to be judge, referee, mediator. Wonder if this is because of skill or default.  “Yes,” I answer her question.

“Jo—-dan! Mommy said yo funny!” Maddi loves to inform, instruct, report. Her voice echoes as she stands up in the tub acting like this will make her louder.

“I’m not!” Jordan enters with the bar stool and plops on it ready to listen. Maddi nods without saying a word. Hers eyes wide, she looks like a little bobble-head with an expression that says I told you so.

“Ahh! A alligator in the tub,” Maddi hops and water splashes. I remind her to sit down and soak. We go from one game to the next.

Jordan grabs the book we are reading about dragons. He stares at the treasure map and says, “I like the map. It leads us to a place, doesn’t it?”

I nod. He doesn’t notice my grin, but I’m thinking it is good to have a place to go.

He thumbs through the pages, looking pleased like he’s just had a cup of chocolate milk and then hands the book back to me.

I start to read again, though the words blur. It leads us to a place, I think. Each step, each day, each interaction, each hug, each expression, each time we share, each embrace leads us to a place.

Where are going today? What place are you headed to? What stopped you today and made you think? What leads you? What motivates and inspires you to a place of hope?

I would love to hear from you this weekend. Sometimes I print your comments to read late at night when I go to bed. Your sharing leads me to a place of comfort. Hope you are in a good place tonight.

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