It’s a Family Thing

Last year one of my sisters made it her resolution to not buy anything new for one year.  She used what she had, made gifts for people in her life and often went without…simply stating, “It isn’t in my budget.” It was an effort to pay off some debt, de-clutter and overall spend less.

My other sister and I decided to copy her this year by resolving to do the same.

This brought about a healthy discussion as to what constitutes “new” and how to hold one another accountable for our lofty goal. We immediately started talking about areas that would challenge us while lovingly mentioning some of each other's own favorite indulgences. 

I looked at my sister and said, “No Dollar Stores and no Dollar bins at Target.”

“Ooh…you’re harsh,” she replied.

“For a year.” I deliberately emphasized each word.

“Okay….no Starbucks for a year,” was her comeback.

“W-h-a-t?” I asked, drawing out the word, more like a whimper. “Coffee isn’t something new! It’s a necessity.”

“A necessity which can be made with your own coffee pot.”

Fair enough.  All’s fair in love and war and saving money, no?

So I now need to get creative before I go through withdrawal!  I decided I will put Starbucks gift cards on every list possible this year: my birthday, mother’s day, father’s day (I’m sure Shawn would support my addiction!), or a great cheer-me-up-surprise any day of the year! 

In all seriousness, I am looking forward to the experiment of spending less this year.  It has a “less is more” mentality that goes along with its purpose. I hope the money I save can go towards something well worth it or someone who really needs it.  As my son, Jordan, always tells his sister when she is brushing her teeth, “Maddi, save some water for the kids in Honduras!”

And I’m hoping to do the same…save something for someone else and see how good that feels.

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