Life is All About Firsts

With all my confessions of visiting the gelato shop, my readers will think that all we do is eat ice cream. But, there are days when we enjoy frozen Banana Lattes at the smoothie shack. I have a list of photos to share today. They took hours to upload as the internet is slower than my daughter getting ready for bed or coming when she's called or brushing her hair or basically anything Miss Molasses is asked to do. She is just like honey–sweet and slow.

So, I've had my entire Saturday to think about this post and the photos I want to show and the theme that runs through them.  Each picture tells me that life is all about experiencing many firsts. And that the tresures in life are sharing those firsts with the people we love.

PHOTO 1: Banana Latte Smoothie…Mmmm Mmmm Good!

Belize 049

PHOTO 2: The pool where we practice snorkeling!

Belize 041

PHOTO 3: We met a couple from Stillwater, MN who spend their winters in Belize and love motorbikes!

Belize 035

PHOTO 4: Golf Cart – One of many modes of transportation down here! Kids are holding fishing lines that they throw from the dock. Barefoot is the new flip flop…my kids have gone native.


PHOTO 5: The Supermarket where we shop daily. Produce is fresh and juicy and plentiful. 

Belize 105

PHOTO 6: Maddi trying to poke the eye out of a fish she caught.


PHOTO 7: Jordan's two passions: Bike and Sand!

Belize 109 

PHOTO 8: The Scarlett Macaws and Green Parrots are stunning!

Belize 027

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