Lion King

I went to the Lion King with my mom and sisters over the weekend.  We were all in tears at different points.  I had seen the show before with all its spectacular dancing and costumes, but forgot the premise of the story is about a little lion cub who loses his dad, struggles to find himself and ultimately conquers his fear to overcome his past hurt and become the king for which he was destined.

The storyline touched us all as we could personally place ourselves in the roles acted out in front of us.  At one point in the play, Simba, the cub who grows into an adult seeking to discover his destiny, explains to Rafiki, the wise, old monkey who lives in a baobab tree, that the past hurts.  Rafiki, instrumental in providing counsel advises, “Yes, the past hurts.  You can either run from it or learn from it.”

The most powerful song for me, Shadowland, played shortly after Simba determined he must return to his homeland, Pride Rock.  The chorus is sung boldly:

And where the journey may lead you – Let this prayer be your guide

Though it may take you so far away –Always remember your pride.

The music spilled through the air, the crescendo intensifying with every note compelling the listener to believe in the power of perseverance and determination.  The word pride in the lyrics did not seem arrogant.  Instead it related to self-esteem, dignity and honor.  It required Simba to believe in himself as well as each person in the audience to do the same.

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