I don’t think I’m the best listener. I often want to insert advice. I have that “guy tendency” to want to fix everything. I want life to line up. Be perfect. At least be pleasant. And sometimes seeing the hurt in a friend, a sister, even a stranger is too much to keep quiet.

School is out of session. Summer has started. Invites are being extended. Calendars are filling up. Memories are being made…how many fish can we catch? How many S’mores can we eat? How many picnics can we attend?Is now a good time to make a resolution? Any season can feel like a new year. Any day can be a new start.

My summer goal: to listen. I want to change my habits. I want to encourage without words. I want to be present instead of speaking past tense. I want to heal and connect with loving silence. I want to try to listen better than I did yesterday.

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