Detox Day 3

Interesting things happen when one starts eating pure vegetables and protein. The boost in energy is a high point.  Still I crave the three C's–carbs, coffee and chocolate. But, you can do anything for a week, right?

Maybe there are other things to detox in my life besides food. I was thinking today about detoxing negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones.  What about detoxing an old habit or delusional thinking? What if I made a pact to spend an entire week being honest with myself about my life and my limits?

Tomorrow morning for breakfast I get to have a blueberry power smoothie. Makes me think of my kids who wish it would rain blueberries during thunderstorms. Cheers to what empowers us! Cheers to the resolution that helps us find a lasting change, a life-moving difference.

P.S. For those interested, I am doing "The Fast Track Detox Diet" by Ann Louise Gittleman, PH.D.,C.N.S

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