Lots on My Mind

I received an email this morning from my sister:

I was actually thinking hard this weekend that I'm soon 32,
the age Shawn died and wondered, what have I done that I'm proud of?  What
have I accomplished?  What kind of person am I?  We always think… we
have our ENTIRE life to create, do, explore, be.  But what if your ENTIRE
life is 32 short years….lots on my mind.

. Intuitive. Important.

Her same questions have commanded my attention since Shawn died. People will comment to me, "How do you accomplish everything you do?" or "How do you write a book while raising young children?" or "Where do you find the energy?"

My answer? How can I not work hard? How can I not follow after my dreams and passions…the things that most interest me? How can I not be true to myself? How can I not use up every ounce of energy?

This is my one and precious life. This is my one and only chance. I have no idea if my days are short or long. I want to live proud with what I have contributed to my children, myself, my world.

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