Love More Deeply

“I believe in love. I believe it transforms, transports, and transcends. I believe it fine-tunes goodness, solidifies strength, ripens resolve, eradicates rage, alleviates stress, and elevates empathy.” -Lisa Kogan

After Shawn died a dear friend told me that Shawn’s life taught him to live less selfishly and love more blindly. Seven years later that phrase is etched to my memory like a personal Pledge of Allegiance.

This weekend we will celebrate the 7th Annual Officer Shawn Silvera Memorial Run with over 500 runners.  This tribute transforms loss into love. The run brings together a tremendous group of people and collectively sends out a message to our community that we can do better. We can love stronger and deeper and more blindly. We can serve and give and help someone who needs more than we do. We can heal and grow and find peace in the process. We can transform when we share the love inside of us.

Thank you for your continued support for continued causes that continue to find blessing by your participation.

See you at the run!

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