Mankato -Making a Life Difference

Mankato is my new Minnesota hotspot. My kids and I spent two days there last week with several events organized by Legacy Wealth Management. The time was packed with both newspaper and radio interviews, two speaking engagements and a book signing at Barnes and Noble.


My kids loved swimming at the GrandStay hotel with a pool just their size. They got to use their new snorkels and flippers, which turned them into a little merman and mermaid. Jordan asked if we could stay for two weeks.

Lunch at Olives, which is as gourmet as it sounds. Try the lunch buffet, which is a sampling of everything on the menu for only $8.95 (I should be in sales, shouldn't I?)

I spoke at an evening dinner for widows at the Butler House Bed and Breakfast, a magical place of warmth and elegance. One of the women embraced me afterward and said, "Your visit made a difference in my life today." That was my highest compliment. I told the women during my talk that I believe "my pain should never take precedence over my potential."

Our pain should never take precedence over our potential. We all own the power to make a difference in someone else's life. Most of the time without ever realizing it at all. One doesn't need to travel to do that. Focus on your potential today and be blessed by how this will touch someone else in an unexpected, true way.

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