So, I went to Menards this morning to match a paint color for the exterior trim on my front door. Did you know that you can basically match any color desired in five minutes or less?  My mom said this was possible, but I don’t think I really believed her. A couple clicks on their computer match system, a minute to swirl the formula together and wah-la! A light grey-taupe paint to blend perfectly with the sliver sample I brought in with me.

Standing in line to pay, I marveled at my quart of paint while lecturing myself at how I really need to be writing. And as I sit here journaling I am also reminding myself that I really need to be writing! My book edits are due to the publisher in less than three days and for some reason I have a list of forty other errands that I seem to think must be done at the same time! 

It doesn’t quite add up. It isn’t like the editor wrote to me and said, “Jen, your assignment is to send us back your re-writes along with a report that gives us a status on your front door touch-ups. Go to Menards, buy paint and when you’re done with that make sure to start your laundry.”

I think my Menards trip this morning is really just my own secret system of dealing with anxiousness.  The deadline seems too big, so I will tackle smaller items on my “to-do” list in an effort to feel like I am making progress. Or procrastinate the final touches of the re-writes that leave me a bit intimidated. Maybe I should go get a coffee or wasn’t there something at Target I needed? 

The truth is I am very close to finishing my edits and find it hard to process this goal in its entirety! Instead of camouflaging the enormity of my project with distractions and other household tasks, I need to stay focused.

And then in a couple days, when the edits are submitted for round two–I need to allow myself to enjoy the next step. To give myself a bit of congratulations and say, “You did it!” Paint swatch and all! I mean how often can one say they have written a book and painted their front door!

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