Moscow ~ Part 3 of Our 10 Day Tour

On our way home to Minnesota we had a layover in Paris via Moscow. Our entire 42 minutes in Moscow was a highlight to Steven. He kept telling me, “How many people can stick a pin in the map for having visited Russia?”

The walk through the airport to transfer planes allowed us enough time to see people bundled up in fur coats and lavish accessories, go to the bathroom, see signs written in Russian, make a quick detour through the gift shop and find a cafe to buy a cappuccino (well, we really didn’t have time for that, but I can always make time for coffee!)

At the gift shop we bought a set of Matryoshka dolls for our children. These dolls are also known as Russian nesting dolls which are hand-painted, wooden dolls each decreasing in size and placed inside the other. We bought a replica of the story “Goldilocks and The Three Bears” where baby bear is hiding in the middle.

Near our gate we discovered a coffee shop and bakery. I ordered a cappuccino and piece of tiramisu. Steven has had an ongoing challenge to find the best tiramisu in the world. For those of you who have not tried this luscious dessert, tiramisu is an Italian cake made with ladyfingers, coffee and liquor.

Up until Moscow, the leading winner of all Steven’s tiramisu taste tests was Toronto, Canada–which has held first place for many years. But, in a matter of minutes, Moscow took the lead from the very first bite. The decadent dessert was perfectly layered with cookies, cream, coffee and rum without being too soggy which is one of the key contest requirements.

The frothy cappuccino also scored first place in my opinion and I have now decided that I, too, will have my own little contest to find the world’s best frothy coffee drink. I believe Moscow will hold first place for awhile.

The stop was quick, the memories were lasting. Sometimes that is the best part of traveling…not that you always have a lot of time, but that the time you do have is unforgettable.


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