My Life Journey

Have you ever loved profoundly?  Then you will grieve deeply.  You can not know loss until you walk in loss.  Severe loss.  You understand it now because you knew so well the other side – a love that gave without reserve.  –Counseling Session 2/07

I am deep in thought today.  I continue to find days with much for my mind to process; not necessarily understand, yet still need to work out.

My counselor told me back in February that healing comes when I can find peace in his dying just as I experienced peace in his living.  She summarized that peace is a theme that runs through Shawn’s story not only in death, but while he was alive.  The counselor offered me to find peace for my own journey.

This is my life journey – not finding a life journey – this is it.  Today is the journey I am on and my only option is to accept it.  Loss isn’t something that just gets fixed.  It is a part of me.  Heavy.  Hurtful.  Yet, hopefully helpful to someone else who walks with love and loss.

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