My Shallow Side

I think I admitted once before to watching Idol. Well, here is my second confession.

Last Friday night I sang at a Benefit Concert for the Michelle Brown Memorial Preschool Scholarship Fund. Michelle was a mom at my daughter's preschool that died last year of cancer, leaving behind a husband and two sons and twin daughters.

After the concert I introduced my parents to one of the preschool directors who had originally invited me to be a part of the event. We were commenting on the musical evening and the talent of the other artists. Thrilled with the success of raising over $3500 in one evening, we agreed that many of the musicians had American Idol type caliber (I'm not putting myself in that category! I don't even meet the age requirement!)

Laughing, the preschool teacher asked me, "Do you watch American Idol?"

Admitting yes was an immediate conenction and we started spewing questions back and forth, "What do you think about Danny?"

"He's so sweet."

"And Kris is also very nice."

"I know!"

We didn't even talk about the wild one, Adam.

"After a day with all the little kids, I just need something mindless to relax my mind," she said. "It's my shallow side."

Mine, too.  Maybe instead of a shallow side I could call it a little bit of one-dimensional life. Something simple, straightforward, stress-free. Because allowing ourselves time to rest and regroup and recharge promotes the energy we need for more significant events.

The concert was profound and I hope that it profoundly helps the students that need it most next year.  And even though I never met Michelle Brown, I think she'd be delighted that we shared her story and we sang and we chatted about American Idol and we laughed together and we honored her and her life continues to bring good to others. I'm so glad I got to be a part of that.

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