Porcelain Pig

We visited my grandma this past weekend in Luverne, MN–one of four U.S. towns selected for a new World War II documentary airing this coming September on PBS. The show will focus on wartime experiences of ordinary people. Ordinary is a good way to describe the town. Add to that–everything is closed Memorial Day weekend except the dollar store.

One of the treasures grandma sent home with us was a blue, porcelain piggy bank that sings, "It's a Small World After All" every time a coin is dropped in its belly. Now my kids can't stop raiding the junk drawer, my coin purse or looking under the bed for orphan coins to feed the pudgy porcine wonder.

At bedtime Maddi told me, "Mom, you have 100 monies because you have us!"

Jordan translated, "Mom, you're rich because you have us."

Better than all the pennies, dimes or quarters I can save or collect. No matter how I count it up, they are my constant treasure.

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