Power of Momentum

It is a scientific fact that something in motion tends to stay in motion.

How do we grieve best?
How do we lose weight best?
How do we help others best?
How do we work best?
How do we raise children best?
How do keep a friendship best?

Motion. Stay in motion. Make a move. Health, healing, relationships, personal growth, productivity, living life well is all about movement. Not chaotic, fill-up-my-schedule, run-around-crazy, I-have-too-much-to-do kinds of activity. Action does not need to equate exhaustion.

Movement can be finding a cozy blanket and taking a nap. Movement can be reading a book. Movement can be building blocks with your kids. Movement can be a phone call.

Find your motion. Stay in motion. This is the best way to create momentum for what you desire most.

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