Puerto Rico

My mom, kids and I are in Puerto Rico vacationing. The total escape from Minnesota’s March weather madness has inspired me to make a list of everything I love here.

  • Warm sun 
  • Lounge chair by the pool
  • Bingo at noon
  • Spanish lessons
  • Building sand castles
  • Magazines with traces of sand in-between the pages
  • Sandals and sunglasses
  • Shrimp served with beans and rice
  • A good book—the kind you can’t put down
  • Naps
  • Sipping water or iced tea or an occasional pina colada
  • Dark chocolate packed for emergencies
  • Fresh fruit
  • No jackets
  • Long walks, some runs on the beach
  • Swimming in sky blue water
  • No schedules, deadlines, pressures
  • Free time
  • Reading lots of kid's books
  • Playing Yahtzee
  • Playing Uno
  • Going to bed early
  • Watching a good movie
  • Eating at a restaurant at the top of a mountain at sunset
  • Being with my family
  • Enjoying the change of scenery
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