It's our last day in Puerto Rico. My sister came for the second half of our trip to spend time with us during her spring break and help us fly home. We started a quote log of our favorite interactions while vacationing.

"We're doing goopy stuff." (Maddi told me while putting mousse in our hair to get ready one morning.)

"What's this for, Mom?" (Jordan's question when he saw a baday in the villa bathroom.)

"Keep Strait." (Every taxi drivers direction for how to get somewhere on the island.)

"I have ice on my meat." (My sister Cindy's invented cooler system for salvaging food for the next day's lunch.)

"We only turn the air conditioner on cold. If you turn it on hot it smells funny." (Jordan's explanation and training on how to work the air conditioner.)

"There are more sticks in the rainforest." (Cindy's solution and wisdom when Jordan's favorite walking stick broke–invoking many tears–while on a hike through Puerto Rico's lush green rain forest.)

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