Run at It

"Can we watch a little TV so it falls us to sleep? – Maddi (trying to prolong bedtime).

Maybe Madelynn will be a movie critic with me someday. Like her mom, she loves a good story. Especially at bedtime–a movie, lullaby music, having books read to her, paging through books under her covers with a flashlight.

I saw the previews for a new movie coming out this fall called, "Secratariat," about a thoroughbred horse winning the Triple Crown in 1973. The story displays the unlikely success of owner, Penny Chenery, making an unknown horse into a champion. This simple house-wife turned breeder was laughed at for her bold ambitions. Still, she felt there was something more inside of her to give. Quoted from the movie Penny states, "This
is about life being ahead of you and you run at it."

I want to be bold like Penny. I want to stay up late reading under my covers with a flashlight about women like her who run towards life. I want to run against the odds. I want to be an unlikely success. I want to see my life ahead of me and not miss it because I was too busy looking behind.

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