San Diego Invitation

I was asked to speak at a conference in San Diego this summer for an organization called Soaring Spirits. It is a foundation that focuses on loss and healing, especially related to the death of a spouse.

I attended this retreat last year, which has since been renamed, Camp Widow. It was a positive and uplifting time with amazingly strong women. I remember leaving with an encouraged spirit, surrounded by others who have faced tragedy and made a committed choice to find the good in life again.

Here is a recommendation from someone who attended last year:

"Sad, morose,
depressing, and weepy widows? Not us! So for anyone who was on the fence
about going and opted not to attend, I can wholeheartedly recommend
this program the next time it happens. It was worth every penny I spent
(and then some) to get here. This experience has been absolutely
unimaginable. There's no price tag that can be put on it."  –
Candace, Bridgeport, OR

If you know of someone who could benefit from the Camp Widow event, please send them to my website at where they can click directly to the Soaring Spirits website–a place of care and support.

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