I have been studying the topic of sleep and found that people who get around seven hours of sleep a night are 38% more likely to be overweight and than nearly doubles for those who get six hours of sleep as they are 67% more likely to be overweight. A goal of eight hours of sleep per night is ideal as it restores our body from the damage of the day before.

This idea of damage being worked against our bodies is profound. Daily we are challenged, attacked, and confronted with life. Sometimes we are irritated or frustrated. Many days we are overwhelmed.

It makes sense then that we need to rejuvenate, recondition or re-establish our standing for the next day. It’s like the saying about how everything looks better in the morning. There is a reason for this—when we are refreshed we can make a restart and one of the best ways to do this is after we have allowed ourselves to fully rest.

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