“I think that we all struggle to give words and definition to the overwhelming emotion and pain we hold in our hearts…  I think that God helps us, sometimes, express what might have otherwise gone unsaid and been forgotten”. –m. (my email friend)

I am a storyteller.  I love to share my story.  I love to see my story unfold.  I want to know more.  I am anxious to find out how it ends.  Yet, with any great story I don’t want it to end; like reading a book slower in order to prolong the anticipation and intrigue. 

God has a story for each of us.  A story filled with surprise and suspense.  He leads us through all details and emotion of our story in order for us to experience life at full strength.  Our story on this earth does not end.  Our next life with God is actually the beginning after our prologue here on earth.  Our heavenly story will bring total fulfillment including our desire to always learn more about what God has in store. 

We live inside a story.  We write a page each day.  Share the best part of your story now.  Allow your story to unfold.  Become a storyteller.

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