Sunshine, Sand-flies and Starbucks

One of the drawbacks to traveling in Central America is the bugs. Surprisingly I’m not afraid of the scorpions, iguanas or geckos. The insects that bother me most are the ones I can’t even see. Known as sand-flies, these tiny bugs are like a speck of pepper yet bite and itch like a mosquito and take twice as long to heal.

I’m laughing at myself for drinking Starbucks today in my tiny little one bed-room apartment. I should be on a commercial for Starbuck's new VIA ready-brew packets of Italian roast coffee. Their marketing twist is you can have Starbucks in rare places. Just add water to the instant micro-ground coffee and one can even drink it in the jungle.  Helps me take my mind off the sand-flies.

The best part of being nearly in line with the equator is the warmth. I love the feel of the sun greeting us from dawn till dusk. A friend back home sent me a photo of the snow and I decided I could put up with these pesky sand-flies a bit longer.

It reminds me that no matter where we are…in the mountains, by the ocean, in the snow—life is never perfect. There isn’t an ideal location or situation. The life we enjoy is primarily influenced by the perspective of our heart. 

Sipping strong coffee while sitting in front of a fan to blow the bugs away is a great way to start this day.

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