Happy Snow Day

From everyone I've talked to about Minnesota's twenty-inch snowfall today, they're secretly happy or at least absorbed by it. It's an unexpected free day. A day to stay in and catch up on sleep, projects, family time, movies, baking, to-do lists. It's a free day with no guilt, hard to go to events that have been cancelled. It's the rarity of being "stuck" without obligation. My grandma called today and said it hasn't snowed like this in twenty years.

What am I doing today? Cleaning my office, reading a magazine, writing my blogpost while eating soggy Grapenuts cereal (what better comfort food is there?) My children are stranded at their grandparents, so the quiet house is also an oddity. Funny how I miss noise when it's gone. Or even five and six year old's conversations. Like the other day when Maddi told us, "Let's go to Ding Dong for supper." Her brother decoded for the family, "To Taco Bell?"

Whatever you ended up doing I hope it was something that slowed you down. Something that said this day is rare, I'm going to enjoy it.

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