Teddy Bears

I spoke last spring to a widow's group about sharing gifts. Not just physical gifts that we purchase, but talents that we have that could possibly bless others. At the end of the dinner, one woman told me, "I have nothing to share, the only thing I know how to do is knit…and the only thing I can knit are washcloths."

I smiled and admitted, "I would love to know how to do that…I would love a drawer filled with handmade washcloths."

Sometimes we think that the gifts we have to offer are so insignificant that they are nothing. But, let me affirm that any talent we share is never nothing. We have no idea the potential inside of us to make someone's day.

I met another woman at one of my talks who offered to make my children and I teddy bears out of Shawn's old clothes. She delivered them this week, made with the deep dark colors of his work shirts. The arms and legs are attached with large wooden buttons, navy buttons make the eyes and nose. My kids hugged them immediately! This woman's talent crafted a piece of our loss into a reminder of our love.

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