Thank You

Madelynn has been reading her collection of "Dick and Jane" books, a marathon at night to see how many pages she can read. She decided the other day, "This book isn't very good. Whoever writes the words is bad because they don't use pleases and thank-yous."

Madelynn's critique challenged me to write a thank-you note to five blessings within the past 24 hours.

1. Thank you, Celestial-Chocolate-Caramel-Enchantment-Chai-Tea, for waking me up this morning.

2. Thank you, spinning class, for helping my mind think clearer.

3. Thank you, snug blankets, cozy fireplace, furry slippers, for keeping me warm this winter.

4. Thank you, sister-in-law, for going to a movie with our kids last night and treating us to dinner.

5. Thank you, computer, for being a friend when I just need to type my thoughts away.

How about you? Do you have a thank-you note or two waiting to be written?

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