The Boring Stuff

"It might sound boring, but sometimes it's the boring stuff I remember most." -Boyscout to 78 year old Carl in the new Disney Pixar Movie Up.

I took my kids to this movie yesterday and found myself using concession stand napkins to wipe away tears at the end of the show. The overall message points to the truer meaning of life and relationships–one that we easily miss when we are so wrapped up in the daily issues and responsibilities of living.

Sometimes we wait our whole life long to have an adventure. We say that we will be happy when we get the next promotion. We think we will be content when we buy that brand new boat. We believe we will finally relax when we go on vacation.

We live so far into the future that we often forget to be present to the moment in front of us. Somehow we don't realize that today is part of our adventure. And that many times the most ordinary things are the things that are most missed when gone.

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